46. I’ve been to every Disneyland in the world in a decade!

2000: Disneyland Paris
2001: Disneyland Los Angeles
2005: Disneyworld Florida
2008: Disneyland Hong Kong
2010: Disneyland Tokyo

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#ty's 100 facts

45. It’s my dream to work in the Fuji TV building one day.

mostly coz of Digimon but hey the building’s pretty

44. I actually bought the She Is Sleeping skirt because Sleeping Beauty is my favourite Disney Princess.

And because I found a “cheap” one on the EGL comm site.

43. I’m very high maintenance.

I guess that’s not really a good thing to call myself, but I do admit that I always need attention and spend a lot of time/ money on my appearance.

42. I thought I was different but I guess I’m not.

41. I use the excuse “I’m drunk” way too many times.

40. I live mostly in the past because I’m afraid of the future.

39. My Malaysian accent comes out so much when I speak to my parents.

Lol I just spoke to my mom and I’m like “I don’t normally speak like this…” xD

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#ty's 100 facts

38. I have a shit ton of phone charms on my phone, making them heavier than my phone itself.
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#ty's 100 facts

37. I still own a Sidekick (as in the phone). And people make fun of me all the time.